Acupressure is a gentle holding of points along
energy lines in the body called meridians.

Acupressure is great for pain relief, stress reduction,
boosting the bodies immune system, emotional
balancing & relaxation.  It is also wonderful for
relieving symptoms of many illnesses.  

It is useful for infants, children and the elderly,
because it is gentle and direct.  Everyone can enjoy
the benefits of acupressure.

There are many applications for acupressure in
women's health issues, including; PMS, pregnancy,
childbirth, infertility & menopause.

Acupressure is helpful for relieving symptoms of
many common illnesses, building the bodies
immune system and helping the body heal itself.  I
have seen acupressure relieve sinus infections,
colds, coughs, digestive problems, headaches,
insomnia and the list goes on.  

Another area of focus for me is emotional balancing.
Many of the physical symptoms we suffer, have
roots in emotional issues.  As we heal physically it is
beneficial to heal emotionally as well.  Acupressure
is useful for depression, anxiety and other emotional
based issues.

I use a variety of assessment tools to create a
session that is perfectly tailored for each individual.